Concrete Mix Design

What is Concrete Mix Design???

The procedure of determining optimum properties of various ingredients composing a concrete, which would finally yield required workability and specified characteristic strength and durability is called ass Concrete Mix Design. The concrete is a composite material, which composes a number of ingredients. Its production is a set of operations.

Mix Proportion of Concrete

Mix proportion of the concrete will give the relative quantities of materials used to get final concrete. The concrete mix design primary step is proportioning of each material. This is also called as the design of mix. 

The proportioning of the ingredients of the concrete mixture is the primary and important phase of concrete technology. This determines the quality and economy requirements which are considered to be fundamental in concrete structural design.

We know the composition of concrete are cement, aggregates, and water. Then they are represented in mix proportion as cement: fine aggregate: coarse aggregate: water. We convert the same to the form as 1: a: p: x; 

Parameters Affecting mix Proportions


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