Corrosion Damage In Reinforced Concrete - Damages & Causes

Damages Caused by Corrosion in Concrete Structure The corrosion of steel can be termed as “creeping disaster” for a reinforced concrete structure. It begins with signs of weakness in the structure progresses with time causing the structure to exhibit unsightly cracks and finally causes the collapse of the structure.

The following are the damages observed in concrete structures:

Finished Concrete Flooring- Polished Concrete -Cost of Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete           Design Versatility is the main advantage that is given by Concrete floors for the homeowners and designers. It can take any color of our wish and treat it to a level of finish that is similar to tile, granites or even marbles. Decorations can be provided for the concrete tile that will enhance the aesthetics of the complete utility areas. Stenciling borders and bringing more graphics will improve this effect. It is guaranteed that no other flooring materials can provide such an amazing versatility, say through a variety of design options and opportunities to customize.

Cutter Holding Device

There are several methods of supporting a rotating milling cutter with the machine spindle depending on the design of the cutter.
Different Types of Cutter Holding Devices 
    1. Arbors
    2. Collets
    3. Adapters
    4. Screwed on cutters

How to choose Cement?

The cement can be chosen by initially identifying whether our purpose is structural or non-structural in nature. So first we will discuss what structures come under these categories.

What is Doppler's Effect ?? - Engineering

The Doppler Effect or the Doppler Shift is defined as the change in frequency of a particular wave for an observer who is moving relative to the source of the wave. This effect is named after the Austrian Physicist Christian Doppler. He proposed the Doppler Effect in the year 1842 in Prague.

Compound Wall Construction Vaasthu

Compound wall construction is the process that is performed before starting the construction of the house/building. We will look into the different steps that are taken care of during the construction process of a compound wall incorporating the features of vasthu.

Structural & Non-Structural Cracks

Cracks in building after its construction i.e. during their service period is a common phenomenon. These cracks are caused due to the action of superimposed loads or any other external factors. Cracks are said to develop in the building when the stress created in the building components exceeds the strength of the individual components. 

Factors Affecting The Choice of Mix Proportions

The various factors that affect the choice of mix proportions are:
Compressive strengthWorkabilityDurabilityMaximum Nominal Size AggregateGrading and Type of AggregateQuality Control
Compressive Strength
It is one of the most important Properties of concrete and influences many other desirable properties of the hardened concrete. The mean compressive strength that is required at a specific age usually 28 days, will determine the nominal water-cement ratio of the mix. The other factor affecting the strength of the concrete at a given age and cured at a prescribed temperature is the degree of compaction. According to Abraham's law, the strength of fully compacted concrete is inversely proportional to the water-cement ratio.
Workability  The degree of workability required depends on the below mentioned three factors:
i. Size of the section to be concreted ii. Amount of reinforcement iii. Method of compaction that is used

Durability The durability of concrete is its resistance to the a…

What is Floating Column?

Floating column is a column member that is constructed over the beam, unlike normal columns. The floating column construction is a new development made to serve a certain architectural purpose in the building construction.