Cutter Holding Device

There are several methods of supporting a rotating milling cutter with the machine spindle depending on the design of the cutter.

Different Types of Cutter Holding Devices 

    1. Arbors
    2. Collets
    3. Adapters
    4. Screwed on cutters

Cutter Holding Devices | Types and Features

The cutter with a bore at the center that is mounted and keyed on a short shaft called arbor which is connected with milling machine spindle by a draw bolt and driving key.

Types of Arbor

  • Stub Arbor
  • A type Arbor
  • Pilot end Arbor

The arbors are basically tapered shanks which are used for the correct alignment with machine spindle. On the left side of the arbor which is threaded internally to receive a drawbolt. Arbor is connected with a spindle with the help of this draw bolt. Spacing collars are placed between the cutter and arbor to get the desired position.


Cutter Holding Devices | Types and Features

A collet is a form of sleeve brushing for reducing the size of the taper hole at the nose of the milling machine spindle. so that an arbor or milling cutter having smaller shank than the spindle taper can be used to perform the job.


An adaptor is a form of a collet used on a milling machine having standardized spindle end. Cutters having shanks are usually mounted on adapters. the outside taper of the adapter matches with taper hole of the spindle.

Cutter Holding Devices | Types and Features

Screwed on cutters

These are small cutter having threaded holes at the center that are screwed on the threaded nose of an arbor which is mounted on the spindle in a usual manner. The cutter thread may be right-handed or left handed depending on the direction of rotation of the cutter.

Cutter Holding Devices | Types and Features


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