Damage to building foundation will create major problems at present as well as in the future. This will adversely affect the residents to stay in the building. A damage to the foundation will delay if you have a plan to sell the property.

Causes of Foundation Damage/Foundation Problems

The settlement of foundation is one of the major foundation damage ought to cause in building structures. The main causes of foundation damages are:

  1. Construction of the structure over a clayey soil or an expansive soil
  2. Improper compaction of the soil during construction
  3. Improper maintenance of the foundation
  4. Differential settlement of foundation due to before stated points or due to hydraulic pressure from groundwater, leakage of water lines or flooding.
Irrespective of the cause of the damage to foundation, the whole building structure will lose it the condition of serviceability. 

Note: Any foundation distress observed must not be considered simple and must require immediate analysis and solution.More we delay the issue more is the extension of damage and sinking of the foundation.

How to Know whether the foundation has Problems?

The settlement is a building process during their service period. This becomes an issue if the settlement is not even. This settlement is called as a differential settlement.

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 How to Fix Foundation Damage?

The sinking of the foundation by 2 inches or more will ask us to contact a Foundation repair contractor. He mainly undergoes underpinning process in order to repair the settled foundation.

Best Foundation Repair Method

Mainly the foundation repair means lifting the sunken foundation. This can be performed by:

  1. Piering
  2. Slab Jacking
Piering is the process of supporting the foundation by providing supports and lifting of the concrete take place.

Slab Jacking is the process of filling the space under the foundation by means of a grout mixture that will let the foundation to gain its original position.

Note: A good professional and experienced contractor will analyze the problem and suggest the best solution.