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What is Floating Column?

Floating column is a column member that is constructed over the beam, unlike normal columns. The floating column construction is a new development made to serve a certain architectural purpose in the building construction.

Brick Construction Know How

To clearly understand the real concept in masonry construction, we will have to start from the basics. A civil engineer must have equal and above knowledge of a mason, even though he is the person executing the work and we are the one who supervises.
What are the faces in Brick?
The brick will have a header face, a stretcher face and a bed face, as shown in the figure-1 below.

What is the Dimension of the Brick? There is two dimension to brick. They are: Specified DimensionNominal DimensionExternal DimensionAperture dimension The specified dimension is the actual or theoretical dimension of brick that is measured directly from the brick.
The nominal dimension is the dimension of the brick that is used in the construction plans. This is the sum of actual dimension + the construction joint.
External dimension is the wall thickness. It is the difference between the specified dimension and one joint. This will hence will miss a joint
Aperture dimension will have a joint. This will be the …

What is M25??

M25 is a representation for a grade of concrete used in construction. This shows the strength that is attained by the concrete cast from this type at 28th day. The M25 grade concrete comes under the nominal concrete category which can be easily designed with the help of IS 10262:2009.

Methods of Construction Cost Esrimation - Plinth Area Method

The plinth area method of construction cost estimation is conducted based on the plinth area and the plinth rate. The plinth area is the product of length and breadth of the outer dimensions of the building. Once the plinth area is obtained, we will determine the plinth rate of the site. The plinth rate is dependent on various factors that are discussed one by one in this article.

Construction Cost Estimation

Construction cost estimation is an important aspect in the field of civil engineering. The cost concern is a governing factor in the execution of any construction project. Every project in construction must determine an approximate construction cost in order to study the feasibility of the project. 

Fix Foundations Using Piers

The foundation repair by means of piling or piering involves the process of driving the steel pilings under the damaged foundation and lifting it. This lifting will hence recover the settlement caused in the foundation.

Foundation Damage and Repair

Damage to building foundation will create major problems at present as well as in the future. This will adversely affect the residents to stay in the building. A damage to the foundation will delay if you have a plan to sell the property.