Industrial Boiler - Basics, Types & Applications

Boiler construction is a famous work area in the industrial construction. Boiler construction is purely developed as a mechanical industry but civil structural engineers do have their role in this field. Nowadays many civil supervisors are recruited for the boiler construction supervising and their related safety requirements. Any interest to get part in this business will make one to understand what is a boiler and their related properties. We will start learning one by one about boilers and their construction through each article.

What Are Boilers?

Boilers are units that will undergo the heating or boiling of water or a fluid. The fluid may either will get boiled or steamed based on the requirement. This fluid will leave the boiler to serve the purpose of the industrial unit. 

The Boiler will hold pressure through the generation of the steam. This pressure of steam is greater than 2bar in the boiler.

Applications of Boilers

The heated fluid from the boiler is used to serve many heating applications. These can be used for:

  1. Power Generation
  2. Water Heating
  3. Cooking 
  4. Sanitation
  5. Central Heating

Classification of Boilers

The boiler classification is wide and is hence explained in the table below.
Category of Classification
Based on fluid flowing in boiler Tubes
Fire/Some/Flue tube/Shell type Boilers
Water Tube Boilers
Combo boiler -Combination
Based on End Use
Industrial Boilers
Utility Boilers
Marine Boilers
Nuclear Boilers
Based on Type of Firing
Stoer -Fired Boilers
Burner Fired Boilers
Mass/Pile Burning Boilers
Bubbling Fluidised Bed Combustion
(BFBC) Boilers
Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion
(CFBC) Boilers
Pulverised Fuel (PF) Boilers
Liquor -Fired Boilers
Waste Heat Boilers
Based on Operating Procedure
Subscritical Boilers
Supercritical Boiler(SC)
Based on Circulation
Natural Circulation/Drum Type
Forced Circulation Boilers
Once through (OT) or no-drum boilers
Based on draft
Natural/balanced draft boilers
Forced draft (FD) or pressurised fired boilers
Based on construction
Package boilers
Field Erected Boilers
Based on Support Type
Top Supported
Bottom Supported
Middle and girdle supported boiler
Based on furnace construction
Two pass boiler
one and a half pass boiler
single or tower type boiler
down -shot boilers


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