Tests On Hardened Concrete

The quality of cement concrete works can be controlled and confirmed by proper testing of the hardened concrete. When it comes to quality control, the test of each raw material involved in the manufacture of concrete is necessary. This check will help in increasing the efficiency of the materials used and will assure greater performance of concrete.

Tests Employed in Hardened Concrete

The test for concrete in the hardened state has to be simple and direct. These tests have to be convenient to use and apply. The test on hardened concrete will determine:

  • Whether the concrete has attained required strength
  • To find what is the actual strength of the concrete
The strength of concrete can be known earlier by conducting the accelerated strength test. This test will help to determine the 28th-day strength earlier. Proper use of materials in terms of quality and quantity will give concrete of required strength. 

If during the test we came to know that there is some deficiency, proper adjustments can be made accordingly before proceeding the construction work. 

Concrete cubes or cylinders are molds in order to conduct the test. The compression test will only help in knowing the potential strength of the concrete and not the strength of the concrete in the structure. The various test conducted on hardened concrete specimens and structure are mentioned below.

1. Test on Strength of Concrete
  •  Compression Test 
  •  Flexural Strength Test on Concrete
  •  Non - Destructing Testing Methods

2. Test on Cement Composition of Concrete

3. Test to determine Original Water/Cement Ratio

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