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Tests On Hardened Concrete


Waffle Slabs

The waffle slabs are slabs with grid system constructed at the bottom and a plain surface at the top surface of the slab. The surface on the top is normally thin and the ribs constructed at the bottom are normally in the rib form. These ribs are constructed perpendicular to each other as shown in the figure-1.These are laid in equal depth having a uniform rib appearance. This construction type will hence provide good aesthetic features also.

The waffle slabs constructed will have reinforcement laid in both the directions.

What is CESMM?

CESMM is Civil Engineering Standard Methods of Measurement which incorporates rules and regulations for measuring various parts and elements of a major civil engineering project. It has gone through different stages of updating.CESMM  is demanded in civil engineering works, under the NEC, ICE and FIDIC forms of contract. 

What is Civil Engineering ? History of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is an art that has gained popularity from the age of human existence. It is an art that deals with analyzing, designing and bringing into real structures like buildings, roads, bridges etc.