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Understanding One Way Slab ,structural action of one way slab

Slabs comprise flat or floor surfaces of a building. It is very important as a civil engineer to know some of basic of working in every structural element. We will discuss one-way slab today. Irrespective of the code you follow and minimum reinforcement implemented, it is essential to know why is the reinforcement provided in so and so pattern & where you have to provide.

First, we need to understand what makes a slab one-way. The criteria are Longer span to shorter span ratioLoad transfers direction That is if     lx/ly > 2  it is a one-way slab
Here ly = longer side length          lx = shorter side length
As mentioned above, load transferring direction also distinguishes one-way slab. In one-way slab, the load transfer happens only along one direction. This can be explained clearly from the figure below Load Distribution and Laying Reinforcement in a One Way SlabAs shown in the figure the load is transferred in the direction perpendicular to the direction of support provided o…