It is not only enough to gain knowledge and implement, but also necessary to convey to the top levels, the team members what you intend to do and perform. Sometimes, in a team, you might have a better idea of design practice compared with other ideas. IF YOU DON'T KNOW TO COMMUNICATE THE MATTER IS FINISHED!!!

I am not telling about fluent English language skills or grammar. But you need to find a way to convey what your opinion is. This can only be gained by having confidence in talking. Being in a team you have to tell and make people do and perform work and tasks. For this too you need the strength and confidence to express. This is a quality one must gain to attain a wonderful career in his or her life.

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This is a center to bring up and collect all bits of knowledge and technologies flourished and flourishing to reach out for those who wish to acquire knowledge in a broader way. I am a structural engineer by profession and would like to share all information I have acquired all these years till date. This site also aims in researching new topics, works on your questionnaires and fill it up with good facts and information.

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