The Top 5 Skills a Civil Engineer or a Structural Engineer Must Have 

The demand and requirement of a civil engineer goes on increasing year by year. As per my research the top skills that will make a engineer ready to attain a good job in construction field is listed below.

I didn't mean that you have to know the complete structural and construction softwares that are available till now. But the main requirement is that you must have an update about 

  1. The latest softwares that are available in your field
  2. The rating of each softwares in the construction firms
  3. If you know any software, study what is the demand of the same at present scenario
If you come to realise the fact that the software that you have studied in past have outdated, you must try to improve yourself my acquiring more knowledge. 

I really have an concern to convey that if the recruiter ask about any software, doesn;t matter how extent you know to work with it, but convey the message to him  that you are aware about the software and you are ready to study the same. This mentality would help you to score good in an interview. 

The next main skill you as a civil engineer must acquire is technical knowledge. You must have a base on the basics of civil engineering. Sometimes to be more precise, you have to be thorough on the basic theories behind the post that you are opting for. For example, If applying for 

  1. Site Engineer - Practical Knowledge, Reinforcement and bar bending details, Site management quality, QC and QA, ability to read the drawing
  2. Structural Engineer- Loads on a building, Basic design of structural members, Minimum requirements and provisions for design, Standard Codes Both National and International Codes Used prominently, Drawing basics and detailing
  3. Construction Manager: Scheduling and Estimation, Construction Management Theories, Methods and theories in scheduling

It is not only enough to gain knowledge and implement, but also necessary to convey to the top levels, the team members what you intend to do and perform. Sometimes, in a team, you might have a better idea of design practice compared with other ideas. IF YOU DON'T KNOW TO COMMUNICATE THE MATTER IS FINISHED!!!

I am not telling about fluent English language skills or grammar. But you need to find a way to convey what your opinion is. This can only be gained by having confidence in talking. Being in a team you have to tell and make people do and perform work and tasks. For this too you need the strength and confidence to express. This is a quality one must gain to attain a wonderful career in his or her life.

The need for certification and achievements is always a plus point and credit for the civil engineer. Participating in conferences, meetings, discussions, and training will gain achievements through knowledge and through the certificates of proof. This is a proof for how updated and interested you are in your profession.