Civil Structural Engineering Seminar Topic 2017 - Latest Civil Engineering Seminar topics


The respective Topics and area to be focused are clearly mentioned.

  • Unbonded Pretensioned Columns 

  1. To study the effect and importance in Seismic Region
  2. To study its significance in Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
  3. Structural Details
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages
  5. Application

  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
  1.  What is ABC?
  2. The significance and need for ABC
  3. Difference of ABC from Conventional Bridge Construction
  4. Construction Sequence of ABC
  5. Construction Materials used in ABC
  6. Construction Equipment Used in ABC
  7. Design and implementation details of ABC
  8. Time-Saving and Safety in ABC method of construction.
  9. Maintenance in ABC Construction

  • Outrigger Structural System -  Steel Bracing to Concrete Core

  1. What is Outrigger?
  2. Where is it Implemented
  3. Structural Action of Outrigger structures
  4. Real-time Outrigger structures
  5. Connection details of outrigger
  6. The difference from other lateral bracing systems? (Like diagrid, normal bracing ..etc)
  • Capacity Spectrum Analysis
  1. What is capacity Spectrum Analysis?
  2. CSM as a performance-based seismic analysis method
  3. Significance and ease of working with CSM
  4. Performance Point in CSM
  5. CSM is a Non- Linear static Analysis Method
  6. Advantage over Time history analysis
  7. Applications
  8. Case Studies

  • Fire Resistance of Structures

  1. Resistance measurement in structures
  2. Standard codes followed
  3. Temperature resistance of concrete, steel or structural members used in construction
  4. Case study of fire resistance on an existing building based on a standard journal
  5. Effect of concrete mix, the bar diameter, cover influencing the performance of the structure.

  • CFST Columns

  1. What are CFST Columns?
  2. Variation with steel sections and material infill
  3. Advantages over normal concrete columns
  4. Case study review based on finite element analysis carried out can help the seminar.
  5. New innovation in CFST columns

  • Bubble Structure

  1. What are Bubble structures?
  2. The material composition of Bubble?
  3. The material significance, durability and load action

  • Demolition of structures

  1. What is demolishing and its need?
  2. How is blasting done?
  3. Planning Behind the same?

  • Soft Storey Construction

  1. What is soft -storey?
  2. What is the influence of soft storey in seismic region?
  3. Effect of seismic pounding in a soft storey.
  4. Remedies for the soft storey.
  5. Alternatives for soft storey
  • Seismic Pounding Remedies
  1. What is Seismic Pounding
  2. The influence of seismic pounding 
  3. The effect of seismic Pounding towards soft storey
  4. The effect of different lateral bracing systems towards seismic pounding
  5. The effect of damping towards seismic Pounding.
  6. Case study on seismic pounding effects on high rise building
  7. Conclusion on a comparison of remedies based on the deflection , base shear, and acceleration value.
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