Understanding Inclined Columns


A vertical structural member subjected to axial compression in the majority with some or no moment is termed as a column. If the same member is inclined, it is a strut. But all these members in common are subjected to compression in the majority and they are categorized as strut members. 

Fig.1. Inclined columns with Architectural Importance

Density of Important Construction Materials

Density of Important Construction Materials

Being a civil engineer it is essential to keep an idea on the density of materials that we deal in our daily construction routine. It is not always possible to remember big theories and equations. But the idea of material density is something that is expected to be known by a civil engineer. A quick tabulation is given in this article.


Static Indeterminancy of Structures

To understand the concept behind static indeterminacy, we need to first understand the concept of static equilibrium of the structural system. 

Fig.1.A Concrete Framework having fixed joints- An example of static Indeterminacy in Structures


3 Dimension Approach in Bridge Planning


The three main basic dimension in bridge construction planning are:
  • Social 
  • Technological 
  • Scientific 


Column Buckling Resistance - A Clue By An Aquatic Living

Isn't that amazing, when an aquatic living gives a clue on a theory behind a new concept for the resistance of building components against buckling?


Supports and Restraints in Structural Analysis

Types of Supports and Restraints in Structural Analysis

In order to clearly understand the concept of indeterminacies, let us first discuss on supports and restraints. Most structures are either partly or completely restrained so that they cannot move freely in space. Such restrictions on the free motion of a body are called restraints and are supplied by supports that connect the structure to some external stationary body.

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